Christmas 2013, Gifts & Welcome 2014!

So finally I wanna share with you this gallery with Christmas photos, the gifts I received and several photos from New Year’s Eve and the celebration of the new year.

For Christmas, we went at the restaurant, we were in 18 people and celebrated all together with a delicious fish lunch.

I received tons of gifts and I wanna thank all the people sent me or gave me something for Christmas, not only gifts but also love, support and fun.

New Year’s Eve has been brilliant. We went at Palmariva disco club, just like 2 years ago (HERE) and we had a lot of fun, we danced a lot (my feet hurted at the end xp), laughed, talked and spent so many hours together. The disco club is near Venice, so from Trieste is far like a hour and half but the place is awesome with so many halls with different genre of music.

I just wanna say I went to sleep at 5:30am!!!!

I wanna wish you an AWESOME and SERENE 2014 to all of you guys, all the best for you and thanks for the support.

I love you so much xoxo

How did you celebrate the new year?

I hope you enjoy this gallery.

Comment, buzz, suggest any photo you want 😉