Fashion Spotlight: Amiete Clothing!

Hey Fashionistas!

As you may have seen HERE, we have a giveaway going on with a clothing line we love called Amiete Clothing! *go enter before you miss your shot ;)*

I checked out all of their gear and totally loved it but one shirt stole my heart. They have a shirt called Glory Holes“. It is a all black tee with holes that make it look worn and torn. I got in a Large so it would be oversized…obsessed. Well, here is how I rocked it!

I am actually wearing a little black skirt under it so pardon my “No pants” look ;p

I love how long it is, it works great with leggings, shorts, jeans and skirts!

I hope you love this line as much as I do. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good eye catching statement on a sick oversized and/or ripped tee right?

Be sure to check their site out and buy some goodies for yourself!