#daniootweek wrap up!

Hey fashion lovers!

This was my first week doing my #ootweek (outfit of the week for you newbies)

i had such a great response i can’t wait to do it again! Basically what I decided to do, instead of just outfits everyday of cool shit that I can’t even afford but I love looking at a lot of these fashion bloggers instagrams and blogs, is to take a staple or favorite piece every week and highlight it!

Highlighting it meaning that I will show you how to wear it everyday if you wanted, or a variation of what I am wearing 5 different ways for the week!!

This week i was featuring a skirt from ANGL! //www.shopangl.com/ it is white and has these pretty subtle blue flowers that sits on my waist and I can wear it with so many things! A rock tank top and thigh highs, a dressy crop top and a blazer, a casual sweater and a snap back, or even a dress with the skirt over!

SO many different ways to wear this cute staple item skirt and for different situations.

All in all, I hope to expand your creativity and inspiration on items you already have in your closet and show you that you don’t have to go buy a buch of expensive things to make a great outfit! Have fun mixing and matching!

If you have a staple item you like to use tag me on instagram or twitter! I would love to share it with others as well!

Have a great weekend 🙂