Cure Your Case of the Mondays with Sassy Birds!

If you’ve got a bad case of the Mondays, maybe this might cheer you up. There’s a new Tumblr I just discovered last week that I think you guys will appreciate: Sassy Birds. Yes, this is a thing! I find myself staring at them and laughing to myself a lot. I think I need help. Let’s meet some of our sassy feathered friends, shall we?

This is Mariana. You can tell she sort of DGAF. The girl will tell it like it is and if you don’t like it, then oh wells. Ain’t nobody got time for remorse.

This is Kyle. He’s kind of all “oh no she didn’t!” He’s a city bird. Don’t mess with him…his butt is lethal.

This is Annie. She wants you. Bad. Do what you want with her body.

This is Kevin. He’s goth. Don’t bother him.

This is Perry. He enjoys all the hot jams. I think he’s either listening to some Lady Gaga or Armin van Buuren right about now. Since he can’t fist pump, he beak bumps to the beat.

This is Gertrude. She’s like the nasty old lady of the bird world.

This is Phillip. I can’t make out if this is his butt or his face. Sorry, bro.

This is Jessica. She’s like totally the bird socialite and if she sees you stealing her man, she’s on the prowl instantly. Bitches can’t hold her back!

And finally, this is Veronica. She’s just trying to find out whooooo done it.

Don’t forget to follow Sassy Birds on Tumblr HERE! While you’re at it, give me a follow as well here. I’m kind of sassy myself. 😉