Celebrate The Day

I don’t judge you. I’m just an observer. I don’t sell myself and my authority. I want to bring you change, it’s my mission. Peace and respect are part of me. You can try to cut my wings, but I will never forget about my values, and I will see the beauty in you. Everyone has a element of good and love, but sometimes dark side is stronger. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. Progress is possible and together we’ll get through by it.

I love you so much, I love everyone..even haters from my life. The scars are still alive but you’re wearing love in the soul. I believe in you and I hope that you have found a better way in your life. You can’t imagine how much I love you.

I want to escape when I feel anxiety. Pain is not a best friend. Childhood and the next years brought me a lot, mix of good and bad memories. I remember this day when I uploaded on YouTube mine bully story. My heart couldn’t beat, I didn’t know where I was, who I was. It was scary. But when I heard that it helped someone, I felt that it was worth it because I could help.

I can’t accept this world by some situations. This is my voice, the voice of freedom. I don’t understand why people kill and hate other people and animals. Please, tell my why witnesses of violence don’t react. They may save someone’s life but they prefer a life without any problem and silence. They think that they feel comfortable with this, but it really isn’t true. Truth can’t be silenced.

Maybe I don’t belong to this world, but the media scare me. I don’t like how they make money on tragedies. Where is the justice? I’m really afraid that one day we will return to the time of wars without any reason. For the part of the society life is just a game, but in reality, after “game over”, we don’t have the next life.

I’m 24 and maybe I don’t sound like the voice of my generation. I observing show business and today’s marketing drives me to crazy. It’s sad that artists to become popular selling privacy or body. I know that the pressure is high, but the nude photos, videos or the promotions drugs is a bad idea. I believe this works negative on young fans. You know that some fans will to do everything what did their idol. I can’t imagine a child shared the nude photos or taking drugs/drinking alcohol. Everyone should to thing what effect if has on the fans.

The next time we go back to my life. In the last year I shared with you a photo of the document from a doctor, there was a diagnosis of anorexia. You know how many problems it brought me. Before this picture came back to these topics because I know how dangerous are eating disorders and I want to warn you before touch them. It’s scared how many young people don’t accept body and soul. If you suffer, please don’t forget that you have strength to overcome this terrible monster. I’m trying to avoid what affect wrong at me but sometimes it’s worse than difficult. Writing is my escape, my rescue.

And today is special day for me. I want to celebrate with you my the first 500,000 vies. I don’t care about stats, but it’s important to me because I know that there is always someone who waits and may need hope. I share with you the love, respect and light. Sometimes I getting messages/comments in various places, I read that my blog is an inspiration but it you inspires me to make him. Thank you for this.

Thank you for your support

Love you so much!!!!!