Buzznet Exclusive: New Video And Interview With Taylor Berrett!

Hey Music Pals,

I was introduced to a talented artist recently named Taylor Berrett! He is great, his voice reminds me of all of my favorite acoustic artists from the past but has a new unique quality to it. Here is one of his newest videos that I think you will love!

I am almost positive that he’s now won you over as well huh? WELL if so…here is an interview we did if you want to get to know him better!

For the readers who have yet to check you out, describe your sound in 3 words!

Only Three Words??

When did you first discover your love and passion for music?

I came into music through reading and writing; as a kid I was sure I wanted to write novels, because I loved they way I felt when I read them. When I started playing guitar it was really only as a hobby, but when I became familiar with the writing and creation aspect of it, I went nuts. I couldn’t write enough songs. They were mostly terrible, but from that point on I was sold. There are certain emotions that words can’t quite wrap around— for me music covers the rest of the distance. I never had the attention span to write a novel anyways.

Tell us a little bit about your song “When I Find You” and what it means to you!

“When I Find You” is a result of me failing to write a sad song. Every time I try and write something hopeless, I get about 75% of the way there and then hope slips in through a crack somewhere. It’s also about the fact that we all have a “type”, or a perfect girl or guy that we think is out there somewhere, but in truth we have no idea where love for somebody comes from or what will inspire it. It’s scary in a really exciting way, like the ocean.

What are your main goals for 2014?

Always goal #1 for me is to get better at what I do, to always be learning. But apart from that, I would really love to connect with more listeners on a bigger scale. You always wonder if what you’re saying means something to people, so it would be nice to find out.

Do you have advice or last words for your fans and our Buzznet readers?

Well everybody says “Be yourself.” I think it’s important to remember that it definitely means it’s okay to be different or outrageous, but it’s also okay to NOT be outrageous. You can be the next Lady Gaga, or not. You’re worth just as much either way. Thanks for listening to my song!

So..what do YOU think of Taylor Berrett?