Buzznet Exclusive: Avalon Landing Premiere Music Video For ‘No Apology’

Hey Music Pals,

I recently was introduced to this band that I think you all will like called Avalon Landing! They decided to let Buzznet get the first look at their brand new video for “No Apology” Check it out…

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Here is the interview we did!

For the readers who have yet to check you out, tell us a bit about yourself!

We’re a five-piece band that resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Three of us are originally from Buffalo, New York. “Reside” is our debut album recorded with producer Bryan Russell at our house in Las Vegas. We put an emphasis on vocals in the songs we write, with two singers trading off leads and also having plenty of harmony.

What inspired the music video for “No Apology”?

Our director Jake Stark did a really great job of visualizing the emotion of the song while making the video. I recall pointing out in our initial meeting that “nothing can happen between these characters”. This isn’t intended to be a break-up song or a “what could’ve been” song. It’s a song about closure with a lot of blanks for the audience to fill in. Who are these people? What led to these circumstances? The opening line establishes their relationship but then the rest of the song throws that whole premise into question. That device wasn’t intentional, but absolutely reflects where the song came from.

What are your goals and plans for early 2014?

In the coming months we’re excited to be playing some really great shows both locally in Las Vegas as well as out of town. All our current dates can be seen on our website ( We’re looking to do at least one out of town show a month in the Southwest U.S. and plan on continuing to branch out further as it becomes feasible to do so.

Any last words for your fans and the Buzznet readers?

All I’d really like to add is a sincere thank you for watching the video and for checking out our band. We’re moving full-steam ahead so stay in touch with us and don’t be afraid to reach out via facebook, twitter, or e-mail (

What do you guys think of Avalon Landing?