BTS With Kellan Lutz At The Skee Lodge For “On The List”

Last week we got to go hang with our friends at the Skee Lodge in Hollywood. Kellan Lutz was there for an interview with Brett Gursky and his radio show “On The List”. We were lucky enough to get to sneak in and hear the interview live, we even snapped a few behind the scenes photos to share with you all.

Kellan talked about his new movie “The Legand of Hercules” where he is playing the ever so hunky, one and only, Hercules. Lot’s of trips down memory lane took place during the interview going back to Kellans childhood dreams and even some of his first ever gigs.

The interview was incredible and Brett Gursky’s show rules. Everyone was so chill and it felt like we were all just hanging out chatting in our living room. Lutz even kicked off his shoes, yup, we got that comfy.

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