Artist To Buzz About Winter ’14: Chloe Howl

I’m convinced that all good things come out of England. 18 year-old Chloe Howl is one of them. I stumbled upon Howl’s “Paper Heart” video on YouTube and was fixiated on her Robyn-esque sound and no holds barred lyrics. But don’t let that notion fool you. Howl is aware that being in the public eye makes you a role model, and she’s been pretty blunt in saying how she feels about certain stars’ attitude on the concept.

In an interview with The Guardian, Howl stated “I hate it when Rihanna does the whole ‘I don’t want to be a role model – I never signed up for that’ thing. I’m like – yes you did, stop rolling weed on someone’s head. Your fans are all 14!”

I love this girl! Why hasn’t America caught on yet?

Check out the video for “Paper Heart” below and keep an eye out for her debut album to drop sometime this year!

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