The Best Winter Recipes: Feat Steven Kopacz, Lou Cotton, Alex Reed & Nick Dungo

I’ve toured a lot in the past 4/5 years and because of that (well maybe not ALL because of that), I realized I am a terrible cook. My specialties are Hot Pockets, ANY sort of microwavable meal and some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. But, recently I decided to venture out and make some of the most amazing soup I’ve ever had. I was turned on to it by Lauren (Matt from Go Radio’s wife) about a month ago and after the first spoonful, I was hooked. I also hit up some friends because this “cooking” thing wasn’t so bad and wanted to see what some of their favorite meals were to cook this winter.

Click through the photo gallery to check out some different amazing recipes from Alex Reed (Go Radio), Lou Cotton (We Came As Romans), and Nick Dungo (For The Foxes).