3 Reasons You Should Love Lorde!

Unconventional pop-sensation Lorde has been signed to Universal since the age of 13. She debuted in the top 40 in New Zealand, and reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 making her the first artist from New Zealand to have a #1 song in the United States. And to top it all off – She Just turned 17.

Lorde is known for her amazing voice and interesting stage presence – which many people were fortunate enough to experience if they were watching the Grammy’s last night! She’s such a unique and inspiring individual! Here are 3 reasons why YOU should love Lorde!

1. Lorde is a hard-working lady!

In November 2012, Lorde released an EP in New Zealand titled The Love Club and set out to gain popularity among some of the most influentual bloggers! She was hard at work gaining an online following and active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Lorde was smart about finding the audience who most understood her music and set her sights on winning them over right from the start!

2. Her songs are honest!

To anyone who has listened to Pure Heroine, this is self-explanatory. Lyrics like “Pretty soon I’ll be getting on my first plane/ I’ll see the veins of my city like they do in space/ But my head’s filling fast with the wicked games, up in flames/ How can I F@!$ with the fun again, when I’m known” in her song Tennis Court are just an example of the way her music makes people think. Lorde has no shame when it comes to acknowledging her fears, strengths, and not-so-glamorous lifestyle! This is most definitely a much needed breath of fresh air in pop music. It’s nice to listen to something we can all relate to and not feel judged!

3. She isn’t the “standard” of beauty, yet she’s beautiful.

There are fewer things that annoy me than hearing my fellow females use the phrase “BUT SHES NOT EVEN PRETTY!” Just because someone is different doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. Lorde’s unique features and untamed hair are just one more thing that brings many young girls closer to her. How many of us REALLY look like most of these girls on TV and in magazines? Lorde can be awkward at times, but so can all of us! At age 17, she’s fearless when it comes to owning all of who she is, and THAT is something all us girls can admire! I’m 20 and I won’t even leave my bed on a bad hair day!

What do you think of “Queen Bee” Lorde?