Throwback Thursday: Tokio Hotel’s 2005 Photo Shoots

I thought since my Flashback Friday’s galleries dedicated to Britney Spears’ photo shoots are over at the moment, is time to come back in time with another artist I love so much and obviously I’m talking about Tokio Hotel.

Last rumors/articles on German magazines report Peter Hoffmann (band’s producer) revealing the album will be released this year, possibly on May and the lead single on April. I’m pretty excited now!

So in the meanwhile, I hope you can enjoy these galleries each Thursday refreshing your memory or seeing the photos for the very first time.

I start this project with 2005. It’s the year Tokio Hotel start their journey in the music business as pro and even though they were only teenagers, they already had a lot to say with their music.

I picked my favorite photos for each shooting, obviously being a band, I picked photos with all the four members, but also my favs of each one: Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav and also of the twins. Believe me, it was extremely tough as well 😉

Some of them are in HQ so if you wanna see the photos in a better resolution, feel free to click on “Full Size” button 😉

I hope you enjoy the gallery.

Comment, buzz and suggest any photo you want! 😉