So it was 1987 and the movie Dirty Dancing had come out so I decided to go by myself to see it. It was the kind of movie my husband wouldn’t have enjoyed so instead of getting someone else to come with me I was going to try it Alone !!! Well it was an interesting experiment but one that started many years going to the movies by myself. I remember going into the movie theater and having the strange feeling people would wonder why I was there by myself since everyone seemed to be with someone. The theater was crowded and it was even during the day. I loved watching the movie being surrounded by people who were totally enjoying everything about this film …..

The movie was SO good and that was the start of something new for me ….. I’ve had many things I’ve done in my life first but this one thing that was a first really stands out as something positive : )

I’ve gone to the movies all alone for over 15 years and only one time I walked out of a movie !! That was in 1995 when I went to the multiplex in my town to see Toy Story and the theater was filled with screaming kids !! It was a bit TOO much for me so I left that movie and decided to see what else was playing and 12 Monkey’s was just about to start and it was the first day in the theater so I decided to go to see that one instead. I think I made the right decision that day 12 Monkey’s was better than a roomful of screaming kiddo’s 😀

I’m not sure how many movies I’ve seen in those years but it’s well over 100 a few I saw more than once and Titanic I saw 6 times in the theater !!! Every time was better than the last time for that film …… I liked having my own schedule no one to cancel at the last minute no one to wait for and if I wanted to leave I could without explaining why or ruining a movie day out for someone else. It was the perfect solution for me. I’ve seen many different kinds of film from animated to the most violent ones. Some have left me depressed [Shindlers List] some completely shocked [Seven] some I had guessed before it was even revealed [The Crying Game] and some that left me baffled !! Of course I can’t remember those at the moment …… Lot’s of them made me happy, some sad, some mad and some wanting more !!

But anyway this movie Dirty Dancing started it all and I had no regrets on that day …. Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze ~

So that is my “Firsts” for the Buzznet assignment #40

I haven’t been to the theaters to see a movie in quite a long time but the last few times was in a more artsy type of place my Multiplex has been demolished and a Lowe’s Home Store built in it’s place. I have so many fond memories of that huge movie theater in the afternoon spending a couple of hours 😀