World’s Most Fantastical Houses!

In the spirit of #FantasyWeek over here at the #BubbleGoth HQ, I thought I would surf the web to find some of the world’s most fantastical houses to inspire you Babies!

It’s a total trap to grow up and start believing that you then need to get yourself some beige walls and granite countertops. Why believe in a world that someone else made up if you can create your own! I know for a fact that the BubbleGoth HQ will keep evolving and getting more ridiculous and grand as I open my mind to all the possibilities of being a human. It’s an illusion that you need to be rich to dictate your existence and have fun with it. It all comes down to how far can you push the limits, how much can you open your mind.

Who do you want to be in this embodiment? What kind of place do u want to live in? What do u wanna do?

And then….what is stopping you?

Scan through the fantastical gallery of ivy-covered cottages in the woods, houses shaped like pirate ships, and rainbow colored cabins!

Which one is your favorite? <3

Oh, and feel free to add your own fave pics in the comments! 🙂



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