Stages And Stereos Premiere Newest Glamour Kills Tour Video!

As you guys may have seen, last week Stages And Stereos premiered their first Glamour Kills Tour video with us! Here is their newest video + a download of their song “1990”!

“This is one of the first songs we wrote for the album but yet it still went through so many changes. Musically we wanted to give it an edgy rock feel but still not be to heavy sounding. So we made the tone a little more aggressive and wrote parts that complimented each other the best way possible. I love the guitar picking on the intro and bridge it has a very classic feel to it, the pre chorus has the same sort of tone as well. This song really shows the level of maturity stages has gotten to as a band. The song is about being in love and hoping your significant other feels the same through the good and the bad. It also has a level of insecurity, and vulnurability in the chorus and bridge that pulls on the heart strings.” – Zach

What do you think of this video and “1990”?

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