The Raw Book: Audrey Kitching Interview

What is beauty to you and how do you define beauty?Beauty to me is unique. I don’t think the perfect body and face done with manipulations is ever something I call beautiful. I enjoy people’s flaws and personalities. I think being different, embracing yourself and having a strong genuine personality and style is beautiful. Trying to look like a perfect Sports Illustrated model is beautiful is not beauty. I like authentic true expression.

How did you get discovered as a model?It’s kinda a strange story. I don’t know if I was ever discovered really. I just started doing it for fun with my friends who were in school for photography and needed models. It was kind of a creative outlet for me. I really enjoyed coming up with the themes and art direction. Finding a location [was always fun]. All that good stuff. It snowballed a bit over the years and companies would ask me to model for them. As I grew up and my style changed, so did the jobs. I started out doing alternative t-shirt companies sold at the mall to doing Italian Vogue and store front’s in Manhattan!

Tell us about the evolution of your hair; we’re fascinated!Thank you! I have been experimenting with hair colors since middle school when I first found out about Sun In. It was this peroxide bleach in a bottle you sprayed on your hair at the beach. It was suppose to give you “natural highlights,” but it really just turned it into orange straw. After high school, I went to an Aveda institute and that’s when all the crazy colors began. I have had them all and fried my hair into a mess! I think that’s part of growing up, for me it was at least.

What about the pink hair?Since I was super young, I always wanted pink hair. I remember sitting in my bedroom dreaming of it, and now here I am. I have had pink for almost 7 years now, different shades with added colors, but always a pink base. It feels so natural now!

We have to ask: who are your “hairspirations”?I’m kinda in love with the model Chloe Norgaard‘s hair! I don’t understand how she can change her revolving rainbow hair color so much without damage. She is like a hair unicorn to me.

You seem to love crystals and quartz and other stones. How did this infatuation begin?I have always been drawn to pretty shiny things. I guess a few years ag,o I really got into them and their healing properties. They are these little natural conductors that are so beautiful as well. Some repel negative frequencies while others emit higher vibrations of love. There is honestly a stone for everything! I have so many in my house from my personal collection and my store. It’s pretty overwhelming at times!

What stones – be it amethyst or opalite or jade – are your favorite? Why?I’m currently really into Black Tourmaline. It’s this incredible stone that repels lower frequencies and helps absorb them so that you don’t. I have been keeping it in my pocket around the clock! My go-to favorites are Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz. They are just brilliant and full of positive vibrations.

To that note, how did Crystal Cactus come about? Why cactus?While shopping for crystals, I realized a lot of the “new age” stores were very tacky and cheeky. I think because of that, a lot of people miss out on all the benefits and wisdom in those kinda shops. I wanted to bring something to the masses that was a bit more hip and on trend! I wanted to show that taking care of your mind, body and soul is a cool thing, not something weird and on the offbeat track. This shop has opened the eyes to a lot of people who maybe didn’t know about aura cleansing, saging their home or crystal healing.

We’re curious about the symbols in the Crystal Cactus logo, from the triangle, plus sign, crescent moon, and gender sign. Can you explain? It’s incredibly creative.These are just a few of my favorite alchemy symbols! I have a huge alchemy chart in my studio and I’m so fascinated with it. They are all such gorgeous yet simple symbols.

You’ve designed countless necklaces and jewelry pieces. What pieces are particularly special to you? Why? I love the really large pendants! You can’t really wear them all day but as a statement piece for a few hours they are breathtaking. My personal favorites are the more unique intricate ones.

Why did you adapt a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle? Was there a defining moment or were you raised with this mentality?I stopped eating meat and fish very young. I think it was around the age of 7. I went vegan about 5 years ago with the exception of honey. To me the health benefits and morals are equally important. People think animals are lower than us just because they don’t understand them. They have feelings, consciousness, souls, families. I think that’s a huge thing that is wrong in today’s society. People write things off that they don’t understand.

As a stylist and model, you work with many publications like Mint Magazine and Superior Magazine. Are you concerned about the decline of the print industry, what with the influx of technology?A bit, but at the same time there will always be those magazines that stay around for the art in it, kind of like a vanity project with creative means. A lot of things are moving to online format. We have been shooting a ton of online campaigns and editorials. It just reaches such a greater audience, that it seems silly not to take advantage. I think that’s what a lot of these former publications are trying to do now: build a solid online presence.

To that note, what are some of your favorite publications – be it globally-renowned or independent – that you love to pick up? I love i-D, Nylon Japan, Italian Vogue, Elle and I Heart Fake!

Day to day, what jewelry do you personally wear? More simple things. I’m always working with my hands, online, running around the city. I guess I’m more realistic on my work days than I would be during fashion week or on set. Normally, a few rings and a long necklace with a pendant.

We know you love Halloween; what past costumes and previous experiences have been particularly memorable? Oh my goodness. As a kid, it was crazy. My mom would hand-make my costumes every year. I have been Cleopatra, a slinkie, a ladybug, Cat and The Hat, french fries and I think my favorite was a ballerina dancing gorilla!

What’s your ideal Friday? Try to finish work priorities as early as possible, grab a bite with my boyfriend or friends, hit up the steam rooms and spa at the wellness center, walk around the city getting tea and ending it at home with candles, incense and a great movie! [Unfortunately,] my schedule doesn’t allow this as much as I would prefer at the moment.

What color defines you?Toss up between pink, nude, gold and white. Simple but with a statement!

What color defines you?Toss up between pink, nude, gold and white. Simple but with a statement!

What’s your favorite month?I really like November and December. Can I pick two? I love the holiday energy! I also love May and June when everything is coming back to life. I like them all. I think I failed this question! I appreciate too much about seasons to leave any out, but being in a cozy sweater feels so much better then shorts and a t-shirt to me!

What’s your spirit animal?I used to think it was a flamingo but now I’m pretty certain it’s a white tiger with wings.

What are some unchecked items on your bucket list? Travel to the world! I love culture I want to experience it all. That’s my number one I think. I want to see everything.

What songs are on your personal playlist?I’m really into Grimes, The Beach Boys, French radio stations and weird Icelandic music.

What are three things most people don’t know about you?1. I don’t use microwaves.2. I only take baths.3. I would rather stay in then go to a party at all times!

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