Question Of The Day: What Are Your December Faves?

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, things are cooling down a lot. It’s time for Gingerbread Lattes, scarves, flannel, and cuddle times with furbabies.

I don’t need much to survive winter. Los Angeles really isn’t winter friendly, and I kind of like it like that. Sure, it rains every now and then but we live in the desert so it never gets too crazy. It does get a little brisk out but I’m still wearing shorts for the most part.

Me all the time ^

Here are some things that I need to survive December:

Hot Coffee:

I usually don’t drink hot coffee because the milk wand that’s used to steam the milk is always GROSS. I do make exceptions here and there and usually feel bad about it afterward.

An ugly Sweater:

I need this to live pretty much.

Christmas Movies:

I only like a few Christmas movies. Seeing them puts me in the holiday spirit for sure!

Christmas Tree:

I’m not big on Christmas decor but I’m thinking I need a tree this year because the pine scent is marvelous.

Oh and I’m waiting for you all to get me a present this year:

What are your December Favorites?