My Photo Diary: Weekend In Santiago Chile!

So this past weekend I went to Santiago Chile for a show with Sky Blu and BBU (Big Bad University) Sky is from LMFAO and I had to learn the whole 2 hour show in 2 days before heading out to Chile! It was so much fun to learn because I love the songs and I couldn’t wait to get back to Chile to perform.

This is what I saw as I landed in Chile in the morning x

When we landed we went straight to soundcheck at the Nike event and figured out spacing on the stage. Here are the other dancers! Feng, Melinda, and Mike 🙂 pre show
This is Melinda and I in our dressing room getting ready to go on stage
We Run Santiago! This was a big sign outside of the venue that was super cool!

Nike gave us some cool new shoes and clothes!! They were sponsoring the run we performed at 🙂

These are my amazing friends from Argentina that came to see the show in Chile and they brought me my FAVORITE treats!!! It made my entire weekend 🙂

This is Sali and Melinda! 🙂 We were roaming the grounds in between soundcheck and showtime enjoying the beautiful weather