Tattoo Update

While I was home for Thanksgiving, I figured my best use of time would be getting a tattoo from my artist in Nashville, Tim Bobeck(bobeck_art on instagram). I filled in the clouds I already had, added a lil “whisp”, and then had him do a quote that I’ve wanted for a couple years now. “POP – the sound of a song exploding”. To me, any great, massive pop song has always SOUNDED massive. It sounds like an explosion. But more than that… to me, it defines what pop is. Whatever is popular. So, pop isn’t the sound of Kesha, or Hanson, or the Beatles. It’s the sound of whatever moment is happening right now in music, no matter what year, day, or decade it is. Constantly changing and creating. So now you’ve seen my new tattoos. I may have to go get more in a couple weeks. MAYBE.