How To NOT Be A Fashion Fail This Holiday Season

I know everyone is getting ready for their holiday parties! Time to shop for dresses, shoes, and accessories. There are SO many blogs about what dresses and outfits are trendy but people forget to mention the biggest fashion tip ever: BUYING THE RIGHT FIT. I can’t stress this enough – I see SO many people wearing things that would be gorgeous..IF..they were wearing the right size. Just because it is on SALE does not mean you should get it.

When shopping look out for dresses being too small, Jeans bein too tight, fabric that bunches, shoes that are too big or too small.

This goes for ANY size girl, it does not matter if you are a 2 or a 12, it is unflattering to wear something that does not lay right on your body.

Buying garments that are too tight can cause overspills that can easily be avoided!! This goes for ANY size. Fabric that cuts into your body is never a good look.

Another thing that is very important is to make sure you are not going TOO short. I know it can be fun to wear a sequin mini dress to a New Years part but trust me, DON’T grab anything off the rack that is a micro-mini

As a wardrobe stylist something that KILLS me is when girls wear heels that are too big or too small. You can’t walk in something all night that does not fit your foot. Make sure your toes don’t hang off the front of your shoe (EW) because this can mess up a great look.

Another thing to look for is fabric that rides up, does it bunch or gather in a weird way? DO NOT buy it. It will look bad in photos and you will constantly be adjusting yourself the entire night.

I hope this helps!! Have fun shopping for party dresses!!


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