Nicki Bluhm And The Gamblers: Inspiring + Dream Chasing

“it didn’t feel like an obstacle, it felt like a wall.” – Nicki Bluhm

This quote is everything. Nicki is talking about how when she wanted to take her music on the road, she was so scared of it. She knew it was her dream, but there seemed to be so many things holding her back.

The number one question I get asked is, how do you follow your dreams? It seems easy right? You decide what you want to be and then you go after it. But, it really isn’t like that. How do you support yourself, how do you get your foot in the door, what do you do when you are rejected? I said just today in my ustream, that the only think I think you can ever regret in life is NOT following your dreams. I hate the idea of years from now, wishing I had chased a dream I had. I would rather regret making a huge mistake then regret NOT putting myself out there.

I came across this video by Nicki Bluhm and the Gamblers and I was really inspired and I hope it inspires you too. Not only is the music super incredible (psst. check out the song Carousel) but I believe we all have a dream and we all have passions and I hope you chase after them with all that you have no matter what obstacle the universe throws in your way.

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I want to hear about YOUR dreams! What are you passionate about? Were you inspired like I was by Nicki Bluhm and the Gamblers?

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