What Are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?

Holy crap you guys, it’s already going to be a brand spankin’ new year. 2013 flew by SO FAST. It’s kind of insane looking back on it all but it happened and it was awesome.


As we stand here on the cusp of a new year, let us gaggle about the resolutions that we want to make in an effort to maximize the potential of 2014. We shant let 2014 just be “another year,” amirite? I really want to say this:

But I am not going to ask nicely for 2014 to be awesome, I am going to make it so:

And so it shall be.

I guess I am kind of tired of sitting around. I have taken many naps this year but I feel like that was okay for 2013. Next year, I plan on doing more things to stay awesome. What those things are, I just haven’t figured out yet but I will and that’s okay. That’s part of life – figuring out things. Just keep growing and doing what you need to so that you grow. At least it is to me.

I’m not going to make any weird resolutions to like, be fit or have a dude or whatever because I don’t really want those kinds of things. I just want to be happy and do things that make me feel rad about myself and I resolve to be nice to people. I am kind of a terd IRL so maybe I should not be.

I’m going to be honest about stuff and live and go places and do things that I normally don’t. It’s time for new adventures and a new mindset in 2014. Yay!

What about you? How will you make 2014 count? Do you have any big plans? Feel free to share them with me and I will hug you on the internet.

What are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?