Never Stop Dreaming!!!!

Whoop!!! Whooop!!!! 2013 is almost finished!!! Buzzneters, are you excited? I don’t know as you but I have new motto for the new year!!! I say bye to ”F*ck The Rules”!!! Now I’m about “Never Stop Dreaming”. It says more about me and my ideas for the next months.

And how I remember this year? Yeah, it was like a roller-coaster. I had bad and better time. A lot things inspired me to do more with things from my crazy bubble heart. I met the greatest people and they are in my heart . Thanks for be part of my life.

My personally life brought weird surprises. Thanks my underweight I have more troubles. Yeah, this is me. My first goal for the new year is weigh more that the doctors leave me alone. Just is hard to accept that you must weigh about 6lbs more, so it drives me to crazy but what is better: weigh more or judgment. So I’ll need to come true it. Just I hope that no one will call me fat…I don’t know why but during last time some persons like call me in this way. Hatters gonna hate :/

I began veterinary in pro secondary school and I met there the best persons forever. I’m so happy about it. Also I finished tourism but director didn’t like me and I didn’t received diploma . I lost 2,5 year, although I passed every exam and practice. Welcome in crazy reality.

Buzznet in this year totally changed my life. I had possibility to take a few interviews with wonderful people like e.g. Kellee Maize, Harriet Brown, Iiris Vesik, Tel Pelag, MikelWJ, Logan P. McCoy….

Thank you so much Buzzneters and Buzznet Staff for support me and show me true love. You are the best. Thank you I know that Buzznet is my home…

I need to thank you so much my the best friends from Table Of Love & Team OCY

Also I want to thank you so much Kellee Maize, Kerli and Outcast Youth for chanage my life. Thank you I’m better person. You changed the way how I see art.

And…. 10 goals for 2014:

1. I need weigh more2. Be more happy and crazy3. Passed exams!!!4. Take more interviews5. Draw a lot6. Published more poems/lyrics7. Correct my English 8. Found new inspirations9. Love every single day 10. Come true my dreams