Healthy Holiday Traveling

For most of us, Christmas time also means traveling! If you are trying to stay healthy, it can be hard while traveling which is why I always pack my own meals and snacks for when I travel.

Whether it’s a road trip or flying I always bring food with me. Most people don’t know this, but you can fly with your own food! I either stick it in my carry on or bring a small lunch cooler bag. There is nothing worse than being stuck in an airport with nothing but crappy overpriced food options. Bringing your own food not only saves your waistline, but it saves your wallet too! Airport food is expensive!!

Below are some of the different food I have taken with me on trips, to hopefully help give you some ideas on what to bring!

I brought this on a road trip a few months back

I brought this with me on a recent flight. (I chugged the green juice right before security). The leopard print bag is my little cooler bag that kept my food cold for the flight. ($8 at Old Navy!) The right is overnight oats topped with berries that I had for breakfast at the airport that morning.

This was my lunch on my flight out to start Warped Tour this past summer

Individually bag your oats (for breakfast) and green smoothie powder so they can easily be made while on vacation. This is a good picture of what I generally pack with me whenever I go on vacation. All of this fit in 1 gallon sized ziplock, so it didn’t take up much room in my suitcase and I had healthy snacks, breakfasts and my vitamins all ready to go for my entire trip!

Meals and snacks for my recent road trip move out to Nashville. I didn’t have to stop for food ever, which made the drive shorter and I didn’t have to eat any fast food or gas station junk!

My flight out to Colorado a few days ago had me leaving my house at 8am and I didn’t arrive at my house in Telluride until 9pm. So I went to Whole Foods the night before and got enough food for lunch and dinner. The total: $12. Cheaper than a single meal in the airport (and infintely healthier!)