GIF Dump: You’re Ready For Christmas If

We’re at the finish line, folks! There are only a few more days until Christmas is here and then we can get ready to party it up for NYE. Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? No, you say? Me either, but I am getting there. It just takes me a while to develop feels.

If you’re not in a yultide mood yet,

I am not afraid to catch a case during the holidays. You’ve been warned.

Did you get a tree yet?

Is it all decorated? Decorations are of import. It’s like showing Santa how much you care:

Get all your stocking stuffers?

That’s right honey

Next Question:

Hopefully you’ve made a list:

That makes it easier for Santa to give you things. Yay stuff!

Did you get all your Christmas shopping done?

Did you wrap up all your prezzies?

Hopefully you are all ready to relax with your buds and chill

Or maybe you’re ready to party

If you’ve done all these things,

You’re probably ready for Christmas!

What else did I forget from this Christmas checklist? Let me know in the commets below or just post your fave Christmas GIFs so we can keep this party going. Love ya!