Gabbie Brown’s Top EP’s and Records of 2013

This list was incredibly hard for me to write this year. I have no idea why, until I realized that I was only trying to figure out what “Popular Records” were my favorite and not including all aspects. We tend to over look those in our list don’t we. Last year on my page I included the EP’s, because I felt like it was important and also a very big part of today’s music culture. In my personal opinion EP’s killed it this year and almost every year. It’s such a shame that most of them will never get the shine they deserve. Reminder that what makes a record great is front to back goodness. Not a oh that was good. skip track. that was okay. These were the standout’s for me.

RRIR- Wallpaper: This record is my go to when I’m having a bad day. I can just turn it up and dance the worries away. Great for hanging with friends. I played them everyday in the Kia soul lounge and didn’t miss a performance from them this summer. Don’t be shocked if they crossover into the mainstream. They are EVEN better live.

Wanted-Dara Maclean: This girl can SING and not to mention write a killer record. Wanted is the record that you feel like was written for you. A need to hear if you’re unsure of where you are in life or things in general. The message behind every song is golden.

Lightning Bolt- Pearl Jam: Gosh, I grew up on these guys. They’re one of my favorite bands because of how hard they truly work for the music. It’s been a LONG LONG time since we got a record from them and this year our prayers were answered. They know how to keep their sound, but still make it new. I just gosh over this record.

A Bad Girl In Harlem- New Politics: The swoon worthy band that makes me weak in the knees. They have truly blown up since I first started listening to them and now they are all over radio and in movies. This is a heartbreaking,, fun, upbeat record that is about as mainstream as you can get without being overproduce. You can thank me later. They’re going on tour at the start of the year!


The Rising- Five Knives: Another band I discovered thanks to being on Warped. It was always a great day when we were setup next to their stage. Their EP is a mixture of all types of music but mostly electronic. I say it’s a great F U EP. Songs you want to sing to people.

London- BANKS: I’ve been a fan of BANKS for a while. This record is I feel my life story. You might of heard of her, because her track is featured in the Victoria Secret holiday commercial. it’s calm, cool and sexy. A standout for sure.

Bikini Daze- MO: A retro old school vibe with a mixture of electronic. It’s California music at it’s finest. MO could compete with some of the top dogs that are selling millions. I love this EP.

We Are Twin- We Are Twin: Up and coming to say the least. I clicked on one of their videos of a girl singing a song acoustically and I turned around and bought their EP. Holy Smokes is her voice brilliant.

I hope you enjoyed my not so traditional favorite music list. I’ve included a playlist of a few songs from each record or EP. so you can enjoy