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Check out the interview I did with Robert:

For the readers who have yet to check you out, describe the band’s sound in 3 words!

Rock n roll

How do you feel this new album ‘Ungrateful’ stands out amongst your previous albums?

It’s really our best yet. It’s like a culmination of everything we’ve been trying to create finally put into one. Is it perfect? Of course not, always room for growth. But for now this album sums up Escape the Fate

You guys have been a band for quite a while now, where and how do you find inspiration to keep everything you create fresh yet authentic?

It’s not easy to do. I for one am a self-professed musical cynic. I hate most everything and have a completely devoted passion for what I do love. So when a new trend shows up and the other guys in the band get really excited and want to add dubstep or something to our music, my red flags immediately go up. I’ll say something along the lines of “we’re a rock band, let’s keep it simple, riffs, beats, solos and lyrics from the heart.”

Of course there’s always room for experimentation and I don’t like to choke the creativity. So if something is sounding great and it has weird electronics or is a pop punk song. Fuck it. If it’s good it’s good. We do lots of co-writes just so we can learn where other people are coming from and think of different ways to expand what we do. Ultimately I love to use those to enhance our voice and do what we do best.

What has been the hardest part of being a band in this ever changing industry?

The hardest thing about being in a band is the same thing it’s always been, dealing with your bandmates. That will always be the biggest hurdle for any band. But in regards to the industry shift, that old problem becomes magnified. There is no room for error anymore. Attention spans continue to shrink and no one has time for bullshit anymore. You’re either there to win or they’ll find someone who is. There isn’t money for labels and managers to throw around anymore. So you’ve got to be innovative and think of new ways for potential fans to know that you exist, or in our case, still exist.

You guys have toured all over the place, do you have any specific spots that are your favorite?

Mexico and Australia. Australia has the best crowds and it’s just rad to be there. I’d move there if the US fell apart. Mexico, the food…ridiculous

If you could put together your dream tour, who would be on it and what would your dream tour bus look like?

My dream bus would have wings and would be called a G4 private jet. My dream tour would be Elvis opening the show, Michael Jackson, Metallica, The Beatles as direct support and we headline.

What is the best advice you can give someone trying to follow their dreams?

If it’s truly a dream they’ll know what to do. If you can’t achieve it, you didn’t want it enough.

What song off the new album do you think is going to be the best to perform live?

Fire it up. Damn. Just an awesome pumping song.

What is one song you heard this year that you wish you wrote?

We did write it. It’s called “Picture Perfect”

Any last words for your fans and our Buzznet readers?

Come see us on the Bury the Hatchet Tour with Falling in Reverse. We’re going to do something historic.

Click HERE for their upcoming tour dates. Also LA fans, buy your tickets for their Jan 15th show HERE!