Celebrating My 23rd Birthday With Family & Dear Friends

The last two days has been among the best I’ve ever had this year so far.

On December 6, my lovely friend Elena came in Trieste, just for my birthday from Milan. And since she has never been here, I brought her in the most part of the city, but since there are other things to see, the next time I’m going to bring her in the other part xp

We hang out around the city, shooting pictures and had lunch at Chinese restaurant, then another part of the tour and in the evening we came back home, prepared sushi together (xp), so I taught her how to make it, and had a lovely dinner with my parents and then we enjoyed the night watching “Burlesque” movie with Cher and Christina Aguilera.

The next day, on December 7, was the big day: MY BIRTHDAY! YAAAAY!

We waited for Virginia and Matteo (my sponsors at Confirmation, it was Matteo’s birthday too) and Danilo and Susy, dear family’s friends and also of Virginia and Matteo, unwrapped the gifts (mine were a lot and I’m still waiting for others) and then we had lunch.

Personally I had a lot of fun and Elena too, we joked a lot all together, ate, cheered and spent an amazing time. Probably this has been one of my best birthdays ever, I was so happy my friend Elena was here with me in this special day. She’s so special and this morning, she had to leave, unfortunately 🙁 but I’m sure we are going to meet us again really soon.

So this is a little gallery of the last two days with gifts, happy faces and lovely moments.

I’m going to update it when I will receive the other gifts I’m waiting 😉

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