These Cats Are Having None Of Your B.S Today

Most of us here on the internet LOVE cats, and for good reason. They like to be pet, they’re usually socially awkward, and then they do stuff like this:

~ Santa Kitty doesn’t have your present ~

We like to pretend that cats are always our little cuddle pals but sometimes, just sometimes, they aren’t. Let’s take a look at two cats being major D’s:

And this is why you don’t kick snow at cats. LoL at the dog’s face once everything starts going down. Also, it’s tail stops wagging and it just kind of looks like it’s wondering what just happened.

Next, 🙁

That was not a happy mew. It seemed really upset and then went for the F A C E – Not the face!

I don’t think I’ve ever been messed up by a cat. I’ve been scratched when giving them tummy rubs but according to this chart, that is territory that you do not venture into:

I have been mauled by dogs before and that is not fun at all. I’ve been latched onto by Pitbulls & German Shepherds because I was small and thought all dogs were friendly. They are not.

Remember kids, don’t mess with cats! If they are growling, leave them alone. Also, don’t antagonize them OR ELSE!