Beyonce & Jay-Z dance together at a club in Atlanta – ‘Crazy in Love’

A few months back, Jay Z teased long-suffering Beyoncé fans with the admission that he and his superstar wife enjoyed “dancing in [their] socks” to her unreleased music. For those who’d been awaiting a new album for far too long it felt kind of cruel, but now that the album is finally out it’s clear that these two just really love the new stuff.

Case in point: Bey and Jay getting down to their song “Drunk in Love” at a club in Atlanta this week.

According to TMZ, the pair spent nearly $100,000 on Ace of Spades champagne and D’Ussé cognac for the entire VIP section at Club Reign. So they very well may have been drunk literally and figuratively.

In other news, Beyoncé is on track to stay on top of the Billboard 200 for a third consecutive week. What, you’re surprised?