The Best Of Storenvy: Last Minute Christmas Gifts Under $16

It’s that time of year again…Christmas is fast approaching. Suddenly you find yourself broke with a million gifts to buy and you’re running out of time. Fear not! Storenvy is here to help you find adorable gifts that keep you on your budget and wow your friends.

I’ve searched through the caverns of the social webstore site and found the best of the best on a budget. Here are my favorites:

Starbucks Cellphone Charms, $.99 – perfect for that friend who’s a caffeine addict!

Chalkboard Mug, $16 – for the artist or writer who likes to think over a cup of coffee

Book Locket, $10 – hide tic tacs, a picture of your bff or sparkley confetti!

Mini Pendant, $1.99 – buy a few of these delicate necklaces to layer or wear one for good luck.

Cable Knit Sweater, $11.99 – a one size fits all chunky knit is a winter staple

Geek Beanie, $10 – for your fellow nerds who have a cheeky sense of fashion

Owl Purse, $9.99 – unique, adorable, practical and stylish

Bird Cage Locket, $2.23 – This locket looks way more expensive than it is and has a feminine Victorian charm.

Heart Pixel Mug, $14.99 – accurately displays the vatality-giving properties of coffee (or hot cocoa)

Clear Combat-Style Rain Boots, $14.99 – fun colors for the rainiest and snowiest days!

Narwhal Studs, $10 – adorable handmade narwhal whale studs

Destroyed Kitten Sweater, $12.99 – necessary for lazy days

Which do you want for Christmas?