The BEST Holiday Gift For Anyone This Year

With Christmas around the corner, we’re all scurrying around trying get all of our shopping done. All of us have those few people on our list that are almost impossible to buy for. So, instead of getting them a cliche’ gift that you’re not sure if they’ll ever use, why not sponsor a poor, hopeless animal for them instead, by helping provide the animal with food, water, shelter, and care from a simple donation!!

Almost everyone knows that you can sponsor a family or an child on Christmas, (which are also amazing gift ideas) but not many know that you can also donate/sponsor an animal… or how crucial it is to remember that there are thousands of homeless, helpless animals and pets in need of donations.

There are several sites set up (linked below) with easy ways to donate. Most of them will send you updates and pictures of your animal that you sponsored, as a thank you and a way for you to know that your donation is SO APPRECIATED and helping save a life.

You can “sponsor” or “adopt” a great selection of animals this Christmas. Wild animals, farm animals, zoo animals, sick, rescued animals, and even everyday orphaned dogs and cats. National Wildlife even lets you buy ACTUAL GIFTS for people, where the proceeds go to helping animals. You can definitely also reach out to your LOCAL humane societies and shelters to donate first-hand (and they could need the money even more than the biggest, more-established webites). There are TONS of other sites to donate through, so do some searching and find your favorite!

Help animals like this little injured baby get well faster with YOUR help!

Any person would be more than happy to know that you helped an animal by sponsoring a pet for them as their gift. Or you can simply donate/sponsor an animal out of the goodness of your heart, as a gift to the animal.

Please pass along, and let everyone know of this gift option. It’s certain to make you feel even more happy this Christmas, knowing you saved a life. PS. You don’t just have to sponsor/donate for Christmas, you can do it all year long for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or just because. 😉

So, are you going to sponsor one? Let me know at @mindywhite on Twitter & screenshot your confirmation, and I’ll Retweet you!!

Xo Mindy