Announcing: Buzznet’s #MyAwkwardMoments Twitter Party

Howdy Buzznet! If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been having a lot of giveaways this holiday season to say thanks for partying with us all year. To keep the momentum going, we’re having a #MyAwkwardMoments Twitter Party that’s going to give you the chance to win $250!!!

To help get you amped for free dollar bills, our boy Zac Effron who plays Jason in That Awkward Moment is going to show you what you can win:

You like winning things, don’t lie.

Help us, help you – Here’s how you can join us for our Twitter Party:

  • Join us at 12pm PST
  • We’ll be asking you questions about your most awkward moments
  • @reply us with the hash tag #MyAwkwardMoments
  • That’s it!

We’ll pick a lucky winner and BAM! Easy money + good times. Won’t you come join us? We’re going to have so much fun and AWKWARDNESS.

See you tomorrow at 12!