5 Ways To Know You’re In A Relationship

You’re hooking up on a regular basis with a hot guy that just can’t get enough of you. You go girl! So now what?

The transition from casual dating to being exclusive can be a little murky, dare we say … awkward. It doesn’t get worse than his best friends walking in on the two of you macking in your parent’s guest room shower on Thanksgiving, as is the case in That Awkward Moment, a rom-com hitting theaters Jan. 31.

There are a few lessons we can take away from Zac Efron‘s latest flick. Here are the five telltale signs you’re now officially in a relationship based on That Awkward Moment:

Open conversations in bed while cuddling under the covers. You say something like, “I was so not going to do that. I was going to make you wait like 40 days or something,” and he says something like, “I was going to make you wait too, then I realized, I’m a dude.” And giggling ensues.

There’s handholding and skipping through a park. Pigeons are flying. There’s a slow kiss on the cheek, knees knocking. I mean, sorry, but that’s pretty serious.

When you’re camped out on the couch between the guy’s two best friends playing Xbox. “That’s some girlfriend shit,” as Michael B. Jordan’s character would say.

Making out in a shower, because that’s an unusual place to be locking lips. Then getting caught … by the guy’s best friends.
Slow dancing in an empty room after the guy has totally made a fool of himself in front of your parents. First of all, he met your parents. Second of all, a dude’s not going to dance with just anyone, slowly.

How can YOU tell that you are officially in a relationship?

Don’t forget to check out That Awkward Moment in theaters Jan. 31.