2013: Ashlee Holmes’ Year In Photos

WOW. I seriously cannot believe that it’s 2014. 2013 REALLY flew by…

2013 was a bad AND a good year for me. It was bad because I was definitely tested in a lot of ways, but it was good because I learned sooooooo many valuable lessons. This past year I experienced so many different things that have helped me grow. I went through an irresponsible time with my personal finances, because of this I’m basically currently living like a gypsy haha. I’m blessed with some AMAZING friends that have let me live with them for months at a time. HOPEFULLY I’ll be back in my own apartment again by June at the latest. The bad experience I went through however, has taught me to be more responsible with my money. NOW, I’m aware how to save, and how to properly budget.

I also experienced a break up this past year -in May. It messed me up BAD. However, I honestly do feel like a Pheonix that’s risen from the ashes lol. My confidence level is back –I feel better than ever. Certain inseccurites I had are now completely gone. I got certain priorities of mine in check. I just feel stronger as a woman. I really know my worth now.. where before.. I only sort of kind of thought I did ha. I’m totally comfortable with my sexuality, and it’s a great feeling to have. I feel unstoppable right now. I’ve even met a really great guy recently. We’ll see how my life plays out in THAT department…

Because I really did feel myself growing up and evolving, I also made the tough decision to weed out certain friends from my life. I let certain friends go, got closer with others, met new people, and even reconciled with a select few people from my past. I FINALLY feel for the first time in a really long time that the friends I currently have are my TRUE friends. The women I have around me these days are the girls that will be my bridesmaids one day. The men that are around will be “Uncles” to my future children. I love them all so much.

Getting all of the other nonsense in order has also put me more at ease when it comes to being around my family. I FINALLY have answers to the questions they ask me. I FINALLY feel confident with my current life path. I got a job working with US Weekly. I will also be starting school soon. This makes me feel okay with myself to be around the powerful members of my family. Even the few family members that have their doubts about my current goals aren’t making me doubt MYSELF. Because of this, I’m able to let certain things go. I’ve always been close with my family but I feel like I’ve gotten even closer this past year. I can’t wait for what 2014 brings.

In other news, I will be starting school at the Make Up Designory in Burbank this month. I could not be more excited. I’m beyond happy that I can finally cultivate my passion. I can’t wait to get my career going and to experience all of the new things that are coming my way. I have butterflies about it. I got even more excited when I found out that one of my friends from high school is actually going to be in my class. A little moral support never hurt nobody lol

LAST BUT NOT LEAST–> I was definitely blessed this year because of all of my homies here at Buzznet. I was able to do soooo much this year. Work with awesome brands, attend amazing events, Interview celebrities, be on the red carpet ( yet again ) for the MTV Movie Awards, attend Warped Tour, etc… I just feel so extremely lucky for all of the experiences I’ve had thanks to Buzznet.

Thank you all for taking some of your free time to read my blog. It really does make me happy 🙂 –Check out this gallery of some of my favorite personal photos that I shared with you on Instagram ( @ashleeholmes ) this past year!

**I also linked some past blogs throughout the above post just in case you’ve missed anything 😉