Wear It First: Austin Carlile x NEFF Headwear + Exclusive Interview!

If you are a fan of Austin Carlile, cool clothes and beanies…then this is the post for you!

Austin Carlile and Neff have teamed up to create some rad clothing just in time for Fall and Winter!

Shop HERE!

Here is an interview we did yesterday for you all!

For the readers who have not checked you out yet, tell us a bit about yourself!

Southern born and raised singer/songwriter, who started a rock band called Of Mice & Men that later brought me to my current residence here in California!

How was it getting to work closely with Sean Neff?

Everyone at NEFF is amazing to work with, Chelsea, Paul, Chip, Sean, etc, the whole group! I’ve stood by for years seeing NEFF’s success and massive presence in that world and now I’ve been given the opportunity to work alongside them and that means a lot to me!

How did this collaboration come together?

I did a signing a couple months back at the US Open of surfing in Huntington Beach, and I think that was the point in time when Sean said “we need to work with this guy.” After a trip to his massive and beautiful home, me beating him in ping pong, and a nice hot tub session we both agreed on the collab!

Do you have a favorite product from the line? What was your inspiration behind it?

My favorite item from the line is my Ready, Set, After Party shirt! It’s Jack Daniels, its rock and roll! And it’s one of the few articles that can work as unisex!

Where can we all purchase the amazing gear?

You can purchase everything from the NEFF x Austin Carlile collab online or at most TILLYS stores all over America! Feel very proud to have a product I’ve come up with on shelves in stores!

You guys just announced your upcoming tour, tell us a bit about that!

We have an upcoming tour in the winter/spring called The American Dream tour, and also a NEW ALBUM!! Our album comes out the first or second month of 2014 and I couldn’t be more excited for our fans, and the world to hear!! We worked our butts off on this record and I think the listeners will really be able to hear that.

Any last words for your fans and the Buzznet readers?

Thanks to anyone and everyone for the love and support! It could be for the line, my band, or just me in general. It feels nice knowing I have an army, a group, and a family behind me backing any endeavor I find myself getting into. My fans are family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Tweet me pictures wearing your new NEFFxAUSTINCARLILE stuff, can’t wait to see everyone in it! CHEERS!

What piece from the line is your favorite?!