The good thing about having the Squirrels around in the fall is to let them carve the pumpkins. I buy a few small pumpkins and one big one every year. I bought 4 small ones this year so I would have one for the TWINS to put their magic into. Well I think I should show you the small one first I cut a big round hole in the small one because the squirrels would just knock it down off the table if they had to try and make a small hole bigger ……..

And sitting the other way 😀

And leaving ……

A Big Mess !! Which JJ cleaned up ……..So let’s see what is left in this thing 😀
Well maybe I’ll check inside first ……

OH there is a few more seeds in this thing !!!!

Well now it is time to carve the big pumpkin !! Of course I JJ had to cut a mouth in it so the Squirrely’s could get a start before the bad weather got here ……

OH YUM !!! These seeds are SO tasty …….

Do you think I’m being watched ?

I don’t care if the paparazzi is watching I’m getting the rest of those seeds !!

OH I think I’ve been Busted !!!

Well I might as well keep eating the seeds 😀

OH NO !! I think I might have been turned to stone or worse photoshopped 😀

Well my job is done for this year, I hope JJ doesn’t get mad at the mess I made 😀

So I hope you enjoyed my squirrels who took time out from their very busy day to carve the pumpkins this year, it was fun for them and for me 😀