THINK: Are You An Imitation or Original?

I thought I would blog about something that has been on my heart and mind for a while. Originality vs Imitation.

There are so many amazing and creative people who are working none stop to dream up a master piece in their everyday. Those are some of my favorite people, the ones who never stop dreaming and put every last drop into making something authentic. Unfortunately they are hard to find now a days, because everything has become some form of imitation. You never know who created something first, because in a heart beat there’s something similar. Everybody want’s a career similar to “Insert Star Here“. Every record label is looking for the next “Lady Gaga or Katy Perry“. Every CEO thinks they’re ” Donald Trump“. I pride myself on my originality and creativeness to make anything unique. Of course it would be cool to have as much of success as those names I listed above, but I want to do it in a unique way. This blog is my biggest work of art and sometimes I look back at my earlier post and can’t believe how I was writing about something before it became successful (Hello Leather Pants + New Politics).

“Gabbie Imitation is the highest form of flattery”. To me it isn’t and in fact it truly makes me sick to my stomach. Why couldn’t someone think of something else to cover or say or write or dream up. Why does it have to be similar to something someone else created and spent days, months working on? If your friend is doing something cool, don’t try and do the same thing. Don’t do the SAME things as the people you’re surrounded by. I will never understand the girl or boy who says “You’re friends with them so i have to be too” or the friend who uses the same platform. You need your space and having someone do everything you’re doing will drive you crazy. I’m currently in that mode.

Everything I represent is for this and the next generation. I don’t work with companies I don’t believe in, I won’t write about bands who I don’t feel have a spark. This is 100 percent me, real, honest and authentic.

Here’s some food for thought:

  • Let’s start being creative and original in our every day lives.
  • You are the only form of you, so make it grand
  • Inspire… Encourage… Speak out
  • Be you. Be Patient. Be Different
  • Stop sharing everything on social networks (You don’t need to brag about the things you’re doing)
  • Enjoy life and think about what you bring to it



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