Dress It Up: Thanksgiving

Whether you’re sitting down to eat Thanksgiving dinner with your immediate family, your never ending extended family or experiencing the holiday with your significant other’s family for the first time, choosing the right outfit is both fun and stressful. The good thing is you can use awesome fall colors, warm fabrics and pattern! Unforunately, you may have your grandma or someone else’s opinions in the back of your mind. So, always keep it classy (make grandma happy) but make it YOU.


– Fall colors

– Pattern

– Fun, rich lipstick

– Gold accessories

– Unique coats (pea coats, trench coats, patterned coats, bows, buttons, fun, yay!)

– Boots and boots and boots!

– Layering


– Ripped jeans

– Too short dresses/skirts

– Too low tops

– Baggy pants

– Summer colors

– Tights as pants (for the record, this is never a “DO”)

Here are some fun ideas for outfits! What are you wearing this Thanksgiving?