Thankful Challenge Day 3: Three Foods You Can’t Wait To Eat

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving = FOOD. I’m not saying that reflecting upon your life and being thankful for the things you have should take a backseat to this holiday, because it shoudn’t. All I’m saying is that the promise of eating delicious food until you achieve maximum food coma is pretty hard to ignore. Also, Thanksgiving means savings on Black Friday!

Yay things!

Let’s talk about foods! Yes!

LoL ByE TuRkEy

1. Stuffing!

I would be a most miserable creature if I didn’t start off my Thanksgiving Food Appresh Blog with STUFFING. Please tell me that you love stuffing just as much as I do. If you don’t, we probably can’t be BFFz. Sorry 🙁

I know it’s weird to think about how stuffing is mostly bread that gets shoved into a turkey butt. The thing is, the stuffing has to go there so that it can get all delicious. Sometimes, I will eat all the stuffing that I see. It is my favorite.

2. Pretend meats!

Photo: Internet

I get that it’s weird that vegans eat things that in the shape of the meats they avoid. The thing is, well, I combat that with this quote:

Don’t judge. Just let us eat our things and you eat your things but we’ll probably just make fun of you on Twitter.

I haven’t found a pretend meat that I want to eat this year but I also haven’t really looked. Tofurkey is weird and it is not my favorite. The stuffing inside is yum though. We’ll see what I end up eating this year 🙂

3. Pumpkin Pie

UGH. I need that NOW. In my mouth. Pumpkin pie is one of my favorite food items of all time. I love when Thanksgiving is over and all the pumpkin pies go on sale. It’s basically my heaven. I have been known to eat an entire pie alone and feel a deep shame afterward.

I can’t wait to eat all of those things! I am probably going to make my own mash potatoes and stuffing. OMG I am excited to make food!

I know some of you aren’t from America-land so if you want to talk about food, talk about something that is delicious that we don’t have here in the states. I like when people talk about food that is native to their lands.

What three things can you not wait to eat on Thanksgiving?