Can We Talk About Ariana Grande’s Hair?

Ariana Grande is a beautiful girl. That’s not even the important thign about her! The singer, 21, has an amazing voice. She sounds like a young Mariah Carey. These aren’t the concerns I have about the “Tattooed Heart” singer. I’m worried about Ariana’s hair.

Girl has been all over the place promoting her music recently and she’s been rocking the exact same hairstyle for months now! A half pony with the top layer pulled sooo tightly (it actually gives me a sympathy headache), with cascading curls through the length and the front of her bangs parted to the right and hairsprayed solid.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good look. It definitely depicts a sweet innocence that Ariana’s going for, but it’s also flattering. I’m just lost as to why Ariana and her stylists haven’t changed it up at all! She could go with the same curls and style but without the half-pony. Or pull it all back into a ponytail. Heck, she could even wear it straight! Or in a bun!

Have you guys noticed this, too? Have you ever heard Ariana talk about her signature hairstyle?

Would you like to see Ariana change it up a bit?