Take Me As I Am, Or Not At All

My life is like a kaleidoscope. Sometimes, I need to find the brake but I don’t know where is he. You know, every part of my life is a little element of the puzzle. Some images are hard but the life too.

Pressure makes me wrong, I don’t want to lost “my wings”. And fear is a crazy monster. He lives in my soul and I don’t know how I have lost these negative feelings. My mind isn’t one-way.

Art it harmony for my soul. It’s my drug, the only drug. I need to slave more to realized my dreams but essence of life doesn’t allow me. Bad luck is my second name. Subsistence level is something special to me. I living in it from the childhood and I see how money change the world and it drives me to crazy.

Just peace and love are the answer for every problem. We can’t sell life for the commercial things. But the people try to do it and it irritates me. Emotional circulation isn’t easy to through, just reminds me Jumanji game.

Maybe it’s time to boycott this contamination world. Always we can try demilitarized community from the hatred and hypocrisy. The best way is constituted the new rules. But even conspiracy can’t help us because some people live just for being famous. I don’t know why they do it. I prefer to be forbidden conspirator and sharing encourment to living in freedom.

I don’t want to imitated anyone. I’m just myself. I dream about glorify every day but without any break around me emerging new facts, new problems and it makes me worse. It’s just me. I miss to you so much, no one knows how my heart bleeding. You are my family.

I wrote a million times about my dreams. But is heavy. I trying write new things and drawing but you know….

Love you so much