Started From The Bottom: Paramore Slays Madison Square Garden

Let me start this off by saying that I first saw Paramore when I was a teenager on one of their very first times in NYC. My best friend had dragged me there because nobody else liked the band and I’m not even sure they were headlining. Anyway, I was ambivilent because I had never heard of them but as soon as I saw Hayley get on stage I was like – I want to be that, I want to do that. I met her after the show and she said she liked my sweater. We took a picture and I put it on MySpace but I can’t for the life of me find it (I think she’d get a kick out of it).

Fast forward to however many years later, I have played on that stage. I know what it’s like to stare out into the crowd of a venue that size. That dream became a reality – and we’re working every day to accomplish more and grow as a band.

For Paramore, that dream became a reality and then exploded into something beyond our wildest imaginations: from a small club in New York City and the now defunct Shira Girl stage at Warped Tour to headlining Madison Square Garden. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!

There is not a group of people in my mind who deserve it more. Hayley is one of the most captivating front women and one of the most talented singers I’ve ever had the pleasure to see – and one of the nicest people! I’m proud to call her a friend and inspired that through all of the troubles they’ve had as a band, they’ve managed to pull it together and get through it. They’ve always followed their dream at all costs.

It’s true that there is nothing better than looking out at something that started as a small idea as it’s happening now and knowing in all of your body that you built something wonderful with your best friends. That’s a point she shared with us last night and I just about shed a tear because I know the feeling and it inspired me so much.

Paramore now is still the same Paramore I started to love when I was in high school, except they have a bigger stage, a ton of lights, balloons and confetti and have completely mastered their craft – but they’ve never forgotten where they came from.

I highly recommend you go see the Paratour as soon as you can. It will be the best show of your life!