Sports Fans At Their Best

We are at the peak of sports seasons and I have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is sports fans. There are many different kind of sports fans. There are those that don’t really pay attention but still root for their home team, those that watch the games each week, those that have season tickets, those that have to wear the same underwear for each game for “luck”, and those that like to show their team spirit threw the wonderful dance cam. Today kids, we are going to enjoy the best of the quality entertainment that is the sports fan dance cam. These videos will surely make your day, if not week!

First up, is my personal favorite. When I first started watching this, I didn’t understand the hype. I thought it was just some cute kids showing their Celtics spirit, but then the camera turned it’s attention to one guy in particular. I thought he was going to make a fool of himself, but much to my delight, he turned out to be the coolest guy I will see this week. I love how the crowd reacts to him and I love how he ignored the one hater who decided he wanted to be a square. This guy gets 5 foam fingers and major cool points from me!

Good things surely come in small packages. This kid clearly stole the show with his smooth MJ moves. Not only are his moves great but he actually knew some of the Thriller dance. His parents raised him well. He gets 4 foam fingers for his smooth moves and 1 for adorableness.

This next fan shows his UCF spirit with his bangin’ dance skills. He shows off his classic moves and shakes his groove thang, but I think what wins me over is what is going on in the bottom of the screen. That baby has no clue what is going on and his face is priceless. He’s just being waved around in the air and there’s nothing he can do about it. He now has hard evidence for his therapist in 10 years. I give this duo 4 foam fingers: 2 for the guy’s dance moves, 1 for the baby’s face while he is being waved around and 1 as consolation for the trauma of being used as a prop and everyone finding it entertaining, because it is.

After watching this one, I had to collect my jaw from the floor. This one took me by surprise and just kept getting better. Just watch! 5 foam fingers!

This guy had no intentions of hiding his excitement and no shame about it. I can dig it! Jiggle on my friend, jiggle on! 2 foam fingers!

This guy saw his chance and he took it! He went all out with his dance moves and even got himself a dance buddy. Go big or go home! 4 foam fingers for putting his jewels at risk of one mistep for the sake of dance and team spirit!

This one isn’t even about the dance cam. It is about the persistence of the fans to dance, or whatever it is they are doing, on camera. I’m not too sure about what their purpose was, but why not dress up as green men and stop at nothing to get the attention of your favorite hockey players?? I don’t know what I like more, what they do at 2:00 or what they do at 2:30. 4 foam fingers for devotion and creativity.

For this one, you have to watch closely. He is only on the screen for a few seconds, but he made those seconds count. 2 foam fingers for originality and making me chuckle!

Last, but not least, we have this guy. I was definitely not expecting that. Talk about getting in the spirit! 5 foam fingers for the element of surprise and for not being afriad to get wild!

How do YOU celebrate your favorite sports team?