Simple Modern Answers: Q&A with Christian Burns

If you’re searching for simple modern answers, Christian Burns has them. With the release of his long-awaited debut album, Simple Modern Answers, Burns is making his way up in the realm of EDM. Not that his name isn’t recognized – he’s lended his angelic vocals to tracks by trance superstars such as Armin van Buuren, BT, and Alex M.O.R.P.H. to name a few. This time, Burns is ready to take over the reins and if his debut is any indication, I think the genre of trance is about to get even more explosive.

I had the honor of interviewing Christian on his journey to Simple Modern Answers, what he’s learned throughout the recording process, and what we can expect next from him.

First off, congratulations on finally releasing Simple Modern Answers! It’s a fantastic debut. Tell us about the recording process and what you’ve learned throughout the journey about yourself and your abilities.

Thank you! Well it’s taken me over two years to complete the album. I worked with producers in over 10 different countries on the record! The internet does make the world a smaller place indeed! I have learnt so much over this time, getting to work with some of the world’s best and getting to see how they all work is amazing. I am always looking to learn more about music and production, its quite addicting!

Were there any specific influences that fueled the sound on this album?

There is a mix of influences on the album really, from some of the trancier elements to rock with a little wink to the 80’s.

What do you hope people take away from Simple Modern Answers?

I want them to enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. I want people to take away whatever they want from Simple Modern Answers.

Was there ever a time during the recording process where you felt things just weren’t flowing properly? Has the sound changed from your initial vision for this album?

Well, after I was half way through the record I did wonder about how all the different types of music would gel together, I have relied heavily on my voice to help bring all the different elements together and keep the album sounding like one body of music. Pheewww!

If you could give your 25 year-old self any advice, what would it be?

Don’t ever leave your laptop under the seat in front of you on a flight from LA to Manchester.

We’re all about finding new music here on BUZZNET. Give us your top 5 list of artists we should keep on our radar!

1. London Grammar 2. Disclosure 3. Haim 4. Blondfire 5. Fossil Collective

What is next for you and when can we expect to hear that All Hail The Silence album? 😉

Well, its more touring from me and lots more work in the studio. Working on the final few tracks for the debut All Hail The Silence album at the moment with BT. It’s coming…… : )

Simple Modern Answers is available now here.

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