So here we are back on the road, there are always things to take photos of either sitting in the traffic or just a quick Drive By Shooting !! Don’t worry I’m very careful not to crash into something or somebody. I just hold up the camera and take something if it comes out fine if not it’s also okay. Let’s get started 😀

This has to be true 😀

OH YUM !!! Pizza and Coffee 😀

Then you can score a Homerun, that’s in baseball here in America 😀

Or you can get some Ice Cream from the Oil Company !! Now this is Weird 😀

I guess it’s Baseball again, very popular sport in New York 😀

NO children in this place at least not in the Basket 😀

My town has some delicious places to visit 😀

Or pick out your own favorite pumpkin for Halloween 😀

Or maybe you like to KNIT instead of Eat 😀

But Remember “UGOT2LAF” life is Too short not to Laugh 😀

But with so much in our minds you need to RELAX 😀

Or you might end up with BLUEBUNS 😀

Or becoming the Taxi for all those kids you have 😀

Take them here so they can buy more Stuff 😀

I think those cats need to be spayed and neutered !!! Get them to the Vet Now 😀

OH and do you know how expensive it is to feed those 3 horses, they eat a lot 😀

Now these guys feed themselves, as long as you throw something to them to eat 😀

Well they have just 3 Girls ……..

But they have 6 Boys !!! OH MY 😀

Well they have 4 Shells much easier to raise than all those kids 😀

Maybe those PUGS know what the Shells are 😀

Maybe they know what those Shells are all about but I kind of doubt it 😀

I think Mickey found LOVE 😀

They must love Mickey 😀

OH they love their Doggie 😀

They have an Angel Dog and a Devil Dog 😀

He has a Barracuda that’s ALL MUSCLE 😀

They have a Smart Car covered in Muscle 😀

But just look at this beautiful Sky : )

And these beautiful trees in the Best Buy parking lot : )

I’ll leave you with this photo of a van I saw very far ahead of me. It wasn’t easy to get a photo so I had to photoshop it as best I could. Lory’s son is named Jordan so I had to get this photo for her …….

II hope you enjoyed another ON THE ROAD trip here on my Long Island, it’s fun to see all the weird things people do to their cars. I wish I could get photos of all the crazy license plates I see but some are impossible to take photos of because they move too fast 😀