Question Of The Day: The Things I’m Thankful For Challenge!

Since it’s Thanksgiving Month, I thought that this week we could answer some quick questions about things that we are thankful for. Should you feel inclined to write things out in a more elaborate and detailed fashion, feel free to do so and send me your posts so I can feature them. Yay!

Since today is Monday, we’re going to start the day off with you giving me 5 answers to this magical question: Who are the 5 people you’re most thankful for having in your lyphe?

Mine would be the following:

My Sister One and Sister Two

The woman next to me in the Muse shirt is Tater. She’s the middle child and she is awesome. The lady to the far right is Beaks. She’s the oldest of all three of us. My sisters are super rad people with cool kids. They are very nice to me and always ready to help out anyway that they can. Yay family!

The dude in the middle of my sisters is Juan. That’s Tater’s husband. He’s funny and he likes sports. Stuff!

3: Sergio

I’ve known this guy forever. Whoever said you can’t be friends with your ex’s is dumb. I mean I get it but like, my ex’s are pretty much my BFFs. We talk a lot about everything and hate stuff together and it’s awesome.

4: Alex:

Alex is a mess. We’ve been cycling buddies for a while. We once rode our bikes from SF to LA and ever since, we’ve been hanging out. We have beers together and he’s super silly. Oh and he makes really good and mixed drinks. Yay!

5: Moo the Dog

Moo is not a people but still. She thinks she’s people so that counts, right? She is mostly a shedding mess but I still let her on my bed when she wants to cuddle. We go on walks, she’s always happy to see me, and she’s fun to play with (as you can see above).

That’s it for me! Yay! Now it’s your turn to give me some warm feelz in my tum by being adorable and writing mushy things about the people you enjoy most. Go!

Who are the 5 people you’re most thankful for having in your life?