Question Of The Day: Do You Believe In Second Chances?

Happy November, Buckaroos! Apparently, Daylight Savings Time happened this weekend and I just found out about today. Why is that still a thing? Studies show that moving clocks forward or backward doesn’t really help with energy consumption and apparently, it increases heart attacks on Mondays and Tuesdays. Yay dying!

I would give DST a second chance in my heart of hearts if someone could make a case for it but it turns out, most people hate it. I am one of those people.

Speaking of second chances, I have been thinking about those a lot lately. My mom posted something on the Book of Face about how she was happy that we (her kids) forgave her for some rather strange choices she made in her youth which resulted in her being absent for some time.

I never really thought about it like that. Sure, it was weird to be motherless for a while, but my tiny brain just shrugged it off. I remember when I first started talking to her again and I told her that she needed to make choices for herself so that she could figure out her life. She also made the choice to reconnect when us when she was ready and I think that’s pretty awesome. She makes me yummy foodz and is generally a pretty neat/interesting person.

Generally, I am pretty forgiving, it just takes time. There are some people that I could care less for and to them, they can go suck an egg. I really don’t have time for their shenanigans. My life is not a revolving door that you can just walk in and out at your leisure.

So, how do you feel about second chances and forgiving? Tell me things about stuff in the comments below or just show me a funny gif so I can laugh away ALL THE PAIN IN MY HEART.

Do you belive in second chances?