Pretty Much Everyone At The AMAs Was In On This Trend

Black and white were the (non?) colors of the night at the American Music Awards. Almost every single big name on the carpet wore either black, white, or a combination of the two. The low key palette seems appropriate for the season. The shades are a little more formal, and we’re getting deep into the Fall/Winter season and the holidays are right around the corner, so it works.

In addition, the silhouettes were pretty simple, with Miley Cyrus‘ simple ensemble being the ultimate example. She rocked a cropped pansuit with simple black pumps. (Have you checked out what Miley said about her outfit? It’s a pretty cool statement about fashion and celebrities and young women). Ke$ha, Nicole Richie, and Christina Aguilera all wore long simple gowns in either black or white. Zendaya added some drama in a flowy white caftan, while Katy Perry looked classic and glamorous in her black, embroidered gown.

Do you like the black and white trend, or would you have wanted to see more color?