Now Streaming: Polar Bear Club’s ‘Death Chorus’

Let’s start with this:

The guys in Polar Bear Club are gearing up to release Death Chorus, which is due out next week through Rise Records. Last week, EdIsAGenius posted the video for “WLWYCD:”

If you’ve been listening to Polar Bear Club for some time, you’ll notice that the vocals in the video for “WLWYCD” are a little cleaner than usual. It’s an interesting change from the grittier sound of their previous albums.

If you can’t wait till next week to hear what the rest of Death Chorus is going to sound like, the fine folks over at Redbull Music can take the edge off your Polar Bear Club fix:


  1. Blood Balloon
  2. Graph Paper Glory Days
  3. So I Buy
  4. For Show
  5. Siouxsie Jeanne
  7. Chicago Spring
  8. When We Were College Kids
  9. Twang (Blister To Burn)
  10. Upstate Mosquito

They’re also on tour right now with Citizen, Diammond Youth, & Sainthood Reps – so check them out if they’re playing anywhere near you!

I’m not even through with my first listen of Death Chorus and it’s already so good. Go check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!